LIST: 10 Things To Expect From Hot Air Balloon Festival 2019

MANILA, Philippines — After it was announced that the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta decided to cancel its “A Weekend of Everything that Flies” event originally set last February reportedly due to lack of government commitment, the hot air balloon fiesta now takes flight with a new name and a new set of organizers.

This year’s Frontrow International Hot Air Balloon Festival on April 12 to14 promises to be bigger, bolder, busier and better than its previous incarnations.

For those eyeing to check out the festival, here are some things to expect, according to its organizers.

Jam-packed weekend

The event aims to bring people from all walks of life together as around 50,000 to 70,000 people are expected to come, from families with young children, to teens, students, tourists, and various groups such as motoring clubs, foodies and travel enthusiasts, even real estate groups and government officials.

New venue

To accommodate more people and prevent heavy traffic, the event boasts of a bigger and more accessible venue at Clark Global City, a thriving hub of industry and commerce that one can literally get to by air, land, and sea.

IG-worthy moments

The sky will be dotted with giant animals, happy faces and other improbable flying objects alongside the classic striped hot air balloons. That moment when they all rise up to the sky in the sunrise is one of the most Instagram-worthy moments one might see all year.

New hot air balloon shapes 

Elvis Presley and a Year of the Pig hot air balloon are just some of the novelties to watch out for.

Balloon rides

There will be a designated area for riding hot air balloons, but for a price and the area can accommodate a limited number of guests.

Activities for kids

There will be balloon rides, of course, but the festival also has activities on the ground while people wait for their turn on a balloon or those who prefer to stay earthbound.

There are fun activities for kids and families such as inflatable attractions and slides, shows for kids with their favorite cartoon characters.

Food trip

There are over a hundred of food and shopping choices.

Bands and music

The country’s hottest music acts, along with the best of Pampanga’s bands will take the stage every night over the weekend with some of the country’s hottest acts — Slapshock on Friday, Kamikazee on Saturday and Ely Buendia, Hale, and Unique Salonga on Sunday.

Motor shows

Car and motorsport enthusiasts will gather together for several major events that include the National Drift Championship, Slalom Racing, Philippine Auto Cross Championship Series, Philippine Rally Cross Series and Motorcycle Stunt Show.

Dance shows

There will also be groups dancing and grooving to the beat this summer as 20 dance groups from different cities compete on April 13.

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