AeroFest 2019: Flight Back, Flying Through The Decade

In partnership with Clark Global City, the Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines – Holy Angel University Student Chapter, the most populated organization with its more than 900 members in the School of Engineering and Architecture, is a semi-autonomous, democratic and representative form of organization that aims to promote academic excellence, being the home of batches that acquired three consecutive 100% passing rate in the licensure examinations, and to foster the improvement of its members.


They will be celebrating their acquaintance party with its theme “AeroFest: Flight Back, Flying through the decade” which will be a Music Festival. The event will be a celebration of beats that will make new rhythms of friendship, social interactions, and connections. The event will be held on September 28, 2019 at Clark Global City site grounds. Various local bands will be performing and other entertainment will be provided to the guests. Food concessionaires will also be available.